Update in Aug 13, 2010

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Related Exhibitions

2010, "ZUR NACHAHMUN GEMPFOHLEN! Expeditionen in Ästhetik & Nachhaltigkeit",                       Uferhallen Berlin, Germany
          (EXAMPLES TO FOLLOW! Expeditions in aesthetics & sustainability)
2009, "A Round Trip", Galerie SOLLERTIS, Toulouse, France (solo)
2008, The City Fairy, Korea Art Center, Busan, Korea (solo)
2009, "Memory of Muse--contribution exhibition for Pink Ribbon", Wall Art Museum,
          Beijing, China
2008, "Mined in China", Houston Center for Photography, Houston, TX, USA
2008, "Chine, la ville exp(l)osée", Cité de l'architecture et du patrimoine, Paris, France;
          Centre de cultura contemporania de barcelona, Barcelona, Spain
2007, "Convection", Three Shadows Photography Art Centre, Beijing, China
2007, "Contemporary Artists from China", Gow Langsford Gallery, Corner Kitchener and
          Wellesley Street , Auckland, New Zealand
2007, "Altered States: Views of Transition in Recent Photography", Tisch Gallery/
2006, "New Urban Realities", Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, The     
2006, "Code:Blue-Confluence of Currents", New Media Center/Beijing Cubic Art Center,
          Beijing, China; the ISEA 2006 / ZeroOne Festival, San Jose, California, USA
2006, "IMAGING A GLOBAL CULTURE", CONTACT Photography Festival, Subway ST.
          PATRICK STATION, Toronto, Canada
2006, "CHINA TRADE", International Centre for Contemporary Asian Art, Vancouver,     
2006, "On the Edge", Davis Museum and Cultural Center, Wellesley College,
          Massachusetts; Indianapolis Museum of Art, Indianapolis, USA
2006, "MADE in CHINA", Museum of Contemporary Photography, Chicago, USA
2006, "disCONNEXION/duplication", Chinese Museum, Melbourne, Australia (solo)
2006, "Ruins", the Institute of Visual Arts (Inova) / UWM Peck School of the Arts,   
          Wisconsin, USA
2006, "disCONNEXION/duplication", the Chinese Museum, Melbourne, Australia (solo)
2005, "Double Vision" Lianzhou Photo Festival, Lianzhou, Guangdong, China
2005, "More than One", Gow Langsford Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand
2005, "On the Edge”, the Cantor Center for Visual Arts, Stanford University, California,
2004, "disCONNEXION", Kiang Gallery, Atlanta, USA (solo)
2004, "dis+dup", Gow Langsford gallery, Sydney, Australia (solo)
2004, “Gravity”, the Singapore Art Museum, Singapore
2004, “disCONNEXION”- solo show, the Kiang Gallery, Atlanta, USA
2004, “ON REASON AND EMOTION”, the Biennale of Sydney, Sydney, Australia
2004, “dis+dup”- solo show, the Gow Langsford Gallery, Sydney, Australia
2004, "Urban Fiction"- solo slow, the Galerie Piece Unique, Paris, France
2004, "Globlia", Frauen Museum, Bonn, Germany
2003, "Global Detail", Noorderlicht Photo Festival, the Netherlands
2003, “Alors, la Chine?”, Goerge Pompidou Centre, Paris, France
2003, "Chinese Maximalism", UB Art Gallery, Buffalo, U.S.A / Millennium Art Museum,
          Beijing, China
2003, “the American Effects”, the Whitney Museum of Art, New York, USA

Public Collection

- Whitney Museum of American Art, New York
- The Progressive Corporation, USA
- JGS Foundation, New York
- Estella Collection, New York
- ICP, International Center for Photography, New York
- the Smart Museum of Art, Chicago
- The J. Paul Getty Museum, Los Angeles